Sprintado helps you adopt healthy habits through mini experiments.

Commit to one new behavior for ten days. Then, try another one. Our goal is to help you discover the routines that optimize your health.

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A Sample of Sprints

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Snooze Cruise

Improve cognitive function, diminish stress, and boost energy through better sleep habits. The goal of the Sprint is to sleep 8+ hours per/night.

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Suns Out Guns Out

Wake up the mind, body, and soul with this five-minute Sun A Yoga routine that strengthens, lengthens, and tones. The goal of the Sprint is to stretch for five minutes in the morning.


Good Morning Pages

Cleanse the mind of angry, whiny, petty stuff so you can begin your day with clarity and purpose. The goal of the Sprint is to write three pages of stream-of-consciousness thought i.e. brain drain.

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Power Talks

A motivational way to move more so you can strengthen your bones, trim your waistline, improve your mood. The goal of the Sprint is to walk while you listen to the Podcast of the Day.

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Cold Shower Plunge

Strengthen your willpower and reap the benefits of cold showers, ramping up over ten days. The goal of the Sprint is to develop resilience, boost immunity, and improve circulation through cold water exposure.

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Alcohol Reset

Take a break from drinking to reset the body and observe the physical, physiological, and mental results. The goal of the Sprint is to observe the physical and mental effects of two weeks without alcohol.

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Good Hydrations

A hydration masterclass. The goal of the Sprint is to intuitively learn and establish good hydration habits.

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Sweat Box

A Sprint to uncover the hidden benefits of regular sauna use. The goal of the Sprint is to develop a deliberate sauna practice in order to optimize hormones, reduce stress, increase recovery, and improve brain and heart health.

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God Bless Turmerica

Beat the bloat, boost immunity, loosen up the joints with the magical root, Turmeric Curcumin. The goal of the Sprint is to take between 1,000mg and 5,000mg of Turmeric Curcumin per day.

Fasting diets

Sprint Fasting

Prevent cancer, cut your caloric intake and take control over your appetite, cravings, and consumption. The goal of the Sprint is to increase the number of fasted hours i.e. hours without eating.